Westport Cafe & Bar

Ok, ok, I know this is not a food blog.  But sometimes you love a place so much that you just want to chit chat about it a bit, yes?

Westport Café & Bar has become one of my favorite restaurants in KC over the past several months.  I first saw it on Urbanspoon, and then one night we found ourselves in the Westport neighborhood so we stopped in.  It’s quaint, charming, and very French.  The décor smacks slightly of yesteryear, which adds to the ambiance.  We’ve been in several times since that first trip, and every time it’s been a winner.

Here are a few highlights from our last visit.

I started off with a summery cocktail, the Strawberry Hill (named after the Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood.)  I can’t find the ingredients on the restaurant’s site, but a few of the key ingredients were gin and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, the latter of which I am a huge fan.  

westport cafe 1

Next we treated ourselves to a cheese plate which included Maytag blue, goat, fromage blanc drizzled with truffled honey, and gruyere.  The truffled honey was a superb addition and was great with all of the cheeses.

westport cafe 2

For my entrée I went with the classically French steak frites.  It came with a side of bernaise, but was also topped with their house chive butter.  If you go to WCB for anything, go for the french fries.  They are sublime.

westport cafe 3

Another favorite dish for which I don’t have a photo is the bar hamburger.  This is what I usually get… it’s my favorite thing on their menu.  It’s served with melted gruyere, burger sauce and sauteed onions.  It is easily my favorite hamburger in the city, juicy and divine!  A few other favorite items include the mussels with bleu cheese & bacon as well as the Pasta au Poivre – papardelle pasta with sage, pepper, parmesan and a fried egg.  Yum!

Westport Cafe & Bar on Urbanspoon


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