Hearth Room Refresh

Left at home with a few days off and nothing to do, I am bound to rearrange some furniture and make at least 12 trips to Homegoods.  This post is the result of a few hours of that time off :)

Here is our hearth room before… or at least the most recent pic/post I had.  It’s gone through some changes since, but I never 100% loved this room.  There were a lot of individual elements I loved, but as a whole, it wasn’t gelling for me. The before -


And after the refresh -

hearth room 1

I added a Moroccan-esque drum table, changed out the rug, and also changed out the mantle accessories.  I swapped out our old TV stand for a bar cabinet that we had elsewhere in the house.

hearth room 2

I still might want to put a few more things on the mantle to zhush it up a bit.  Topiaries from TJ Maxx.

The table – also a TJ Maxx find.

hearth room 3

A bit more detail on the rug.  Before, we had a supersoft, thick white rug.  Two dogs have been less than friendly to said rug.  This one should be a bit better for the wear.

hearth room 4


gina said...

Looks great! I love that Morraccan-esque table. Is that the one from TJMaxx? I want one!!

Leslie said...

yep it is from the Maxx!

Color Schemes said...

Amazing how a few changes can make a world of difference. I need to make some changes to our one and only living space. It has so much going on and in such a small space.

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Oh, I adore the side tables! They are perfect for the space and are so stylish!

shannon sarkar said...

Really great work!

Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Great room! I really love that side table (gorgeous!) and your ceiling fan is so modern.

Ally said...

Great side table. Love the topiaries on the fireplace and the cushions on the couch. Looks fresher and better.

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