Hound Dogs

We love our hound doggers around here!  Mason and I have two French Bulldogs, Sunnie (aka Little Mama, Mama, Sunnie Girl, Beast) and Denny (aka Buddy Boy, Buddy, Mr. Boy, Little Sir.) Sunnie is the brindle on the left, and Denny is our fawn on the right.  They're both rescues through French Bulldog Rescue Network. 

We are big supporters of rescue and animal causes around these parts!  If you're interested in rescuing a Frenchie, definitely check out FBRN.  They're fantastic! 

Another organization we support locally is Chain of Hope.  Chain of Hope's mission is to be an advocate for abused and neglected animals that have little to no care from their owners.  Often times these poor babies are left outside on chains for days, months... even longer.  Chain of Hope monitors, feeds, and cares for these animals when they need it the most.  They will take the dogs under foster care if the owner agrees to giving them up.  Moreover, the organization tries to make owners aware of the crucial needs of their pets.

Both of these outstanding organizations offer Paypal donations via their websites!  I hope you'll go check both of them out!

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